The U.S. men’s senior ball group has won each significant challenge over the most recent 11 years – the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2010 big showdown in Turkey, 2012 London Olympics, 2014 big showdown in Spain and 2016 Rio Olympics. Be that as it may, with major NBA stars choosing not to play for Team USA at the current year’s FIBA World Cup in China, the Americans are not a lock to win gold.

The U.S. is as yet the top choice, however universal ball master and ESPN examiner Fran Fraschilla said there are nine groups that could decoration and four groups that present a huge test for the U.S.

“This is the most equality we’ve found in the World Cup perhaps ever,” Fraschilla said of the occasion, where 54 NBA players will take part in a 32-group field. “Truly, eight or nine groups can award with a break anywhere.”

Fraschilla said the two greatest deterrents for the U.S. are resistance and finding a go-to scorer who can get a crate in time to get down to business or when the offense separates.

“They must almost certainly guard offense frameworks that they’re not constantly used to finding in the NBA night in, night out,” Fraschilla said. “That is a test and the manner in which you compensate for that is with profundity and the capacity to go eight or nine profound and wear the adversary out.”

The U.S. has scoring alternatives, beginning with Utah’s Donovan Mitchell and Boston’s Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker.


Coach: Andrej Lemanis

Names to know: San Antonio’s Patty Mills, Andrew Bogut, Utah’s Joe Ingles, Cleveland’s Matthew Dellavedova, Phoenix’s Aron Baynes.

2016 Olympics: Lost to Spain in bronze-medal game.

Fraschilla: “They have a style and system that promotes ball movement and team play and they certainly have the continuity. More so than any other team Team USA faces, the American basketball fan will recognize Australia’s players. Take away the intimidation factor that’s no longer there with Australia playing Team USA, they will go toe-to-toe.”


Coach: Vincent Collet

Names to know: Utah’s Rudy Gobert, Charlotte’s Nic Batum, Orlando’s Evan Fournier, New York’s Frank Ntilikina, Boston’s Vincent Poirier.

2016 Olympics: Lost to Spain in quarterfinals.

Fraschilla: “Here’s the thing about France and it’s why their guys usually do well in the NBA even more so than Serbia, Spain and Australia: France produces NBA athletes, guys who can keep up step for step athletically. With France, you start with Gobert in the middle and throw in a Nic Batum who has been at times an above-average NBA player and Fournier who is coming off a really good season in Orlando.”


Coach: Sasha Djordjevic

Names to know: Denver’s Nikola Jokic, Philadelphia’s Boban Marjanovic, Sacramento’s Bogdan Bogdanovic and Nemanja Bjelica and San Antonio 2015 first-round pick Nikola Milutinov.

2016 Olympics: Won silver, losing to U.S. in gold-medal game.

Fraschilla: “Their style of play and ability to read an opponent’s defense because of the cerebralness with which they play is why they are always so well regarded. In this particular cycle, you’re talking about having one of the two or three best players in the entire tournament in Nikola Jokic.”


Coach: Sergio Scariolo

Names to know: Toronto’s Marc Gasol, Phoenix’s Ricky Rubio, Charlotte’s Willy Hernangomez, Denver’s Juan Hernangomez and Real Madrid’s Sergio Llull and Rudy Fernandez.

2016 Olympics: Defeated Australia in bronze-medal game.

Fraschilla: “Although they don’t have the same complement of guys we’re used to seeing, they still have Gasol and Rubio and it has coach Sergio Scariolo. Another team that has continuity because of their coach and some returning players.

The U.S., instructed by San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich, opens the first round of gathering play Sunday against the Czech Republic, faces Turkey on Tuesday and completions gathering play Thursday against Japan. The U.S. shouldn’t have any issue with gathering play, yet the second round of gathering play and the knockout round figures to be increasingly troublesome.

The four groups Fraschilla says can beat the U.S are Australia, France, Serbia and Spain on account of their progression.

“That is significant in light of the fact that (this is) where Team USA can’t overpower the challenge absolutely on ability,” Fraschilla said. “Their absence of progression dependent on the short preparing camps versus the experience of mentors who have had these groups under the care of them for two or three distinctive universal cycles is going to raise Team USA more ruckus than typical.” He’s additionally not including out Lithuania or Greece, which has NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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